Unity Certified Developer Courseware

Learn to make a working game with Unity as you build or enhance your foundational skills and prepare for certification.


Unity Certified Developer Courseware

For educational institutions, we recommend the Unity Certified Developer courseware and exam. Contact us for academic pricing.

For individuals, availability of the Certified Developer exam will taper off through the end of 2018 as we introduce the new certifications. If you plan to take the Developer exam, check the calendar for upcoming exams or look for a testing center partner near you. Certified Developer courseware will be available through this transition.

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Whether you want to get Unity Certified, or just want to learn to make games, we’ve got you covered

Focus on the essentials

The Courseware focuses on the foundational skills essential to game production with Unity and directly maps to preparation for the Unity Certified Developer Exam. It's also a great solution if you are looking for a structured, self-study program to help you learn to make games with Unity.

Build or enhance your skills

Video-rich instructional content offers beginners a guided, progressive course of study that covers key concepts and help you build skills in game design and coding. Those with more experience can jump to specific topics to brush up and enhance their skills, or fill in any gaps in knowledge.

Make a working game with Unity

Develop an end-to-end understanding of game production with Unity as you build Zombie Toys, a third-person, 3D, survival arcade game. Learn hands-on as you perform all required game development tasks — from importing assets, to scripting behavior, building FX attacks, and publishing.

Includes everything you need to succeed

20 chapters of video-rich learning content (199 videos, approximately 19 hours*)

All Zombie Toys game project exercise files and assets you'll need to follow along in Unity

*Refers to video run time. Learning time estimates indicate an average time of 25 – 55 hours for full completion of the Courseware program. Your actual time needed to complete the Courseware may vary based on your existing Unity knowledge and experience.

Learn hands-on as you build a working game from the ground up — all the way through to publishing

Chapter 1: Welcome to Unity!

Get an overview of the video game development industry and learn how to use the Unity Certified Developer Courseware.

Chapter 2: Exploring the Unity User Interface

Become familiar with the Unity engine and the critical parts of the Unity editor.

Chapter 3: Using Game Objects and Assets

Learn how to create Game Objects, define scene structure, import Assets, and work with Sprites.

Chapter 4: Managing Projects and Assets

Understand Unity's project management features and organize your game project.

Chapter 5: Preparing Assets for Implementation

Create materials and discover best practices for 3D content creation.

Chapter 6: Assembling the Game Level

Understand Rigidbodies, colliders, how they work, and how to integrate them.

Chapter 7: Lighting in Games

Analyze lighting tools and processes and develop the look and mood of your scene.

Chapter 8: Baking Lighting in Game Production

Enhance the visual quality of your lighting while optimizing the look of your scene before game play.

Chapter 9: Animating Game Objects in the Unity Editor

Explore character animation tools and learn the process of creating animations for use in game levels or state machines.

Chapter 10: Bringing Animations into the Game

Familiarize yourself with animation import options and learn how to manage animation data in your game project.

Chapter 11: Scripting in Game Development

Dive into programming as you learn terms, examine code, identify script types, and start writing code of your own.

Chapter 12: Implementing Navigation and Pathfinding

Learn the basics of navigation, including pathfinding and obstacle avoidance, and practice baking a Navigation Mesh in your game project.

Chapter 13: Building the Player and Allies

Create players and allies and learn how to control their behavior in the game.

Chapter 14: Building the Enemies

Create enemies, design their behavior, and learn how to manage them in the game.

Chapter 15: Creating Particle Systems

Build four unique player attacks and learn how to manage multiple particle systems in the game.

Chapter 16: Adding Audio to Game Levels

Bring audio into your game, mix audio components, and implement audio effects.

Chapter 17: Building the Camera and Player Selection System

Configure your game cameras and refine your player selection behaviors.

Chapter 18: Designing User Interfaces for Games

Get to know the different UI components and design a user interface for your game.

Chapter 19: Building and Deploying the Game

Understand the game build process, explore Unity Cloud Build options, and configure your build settings.

Chapter 20: Preparing for Mobile Deployment

Learn about mobile platforms, your deployment options, and how to optimize game settings for mobile publishing.

For a detailed list of the topics covered, check out the Courseware Learning Outcomes.

Courseware Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: The Unity Certified Developer Courseware Zombie Toys game project requires Unity 5.3.4 and higher. Courseware game project files and assets may not work as intended with previous releases of Unity.

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