Unity Certification for Education

The Unity Certification Program provides a clear path for learning, preparing, and assessing key skills in game design and development

Ensure that your students are equipped with the Unity skills and knowledge valued by game studios and industry employers to give them the best chance of successfully transitioning into a career in game development.

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Bundles including Unity Certified Developer Courseware, Certification Exams, and annual Unity Education software licenses are offered at discounted academic pricing to help educators teach foundational game production principles and enable student success.


An online learning program developed on the foundations of modern educational science to complement and support the way educators teach using Bloom’s Taxonomy to guide the levels of learning and assessment.

Certification Exams

Based on research gathered from industry partners, Unity Certified Developer Exams provide a measurable end-point for educational programs and a credential that allows students to communicate their skills to employers.

Unity Software Licenses

Annual Unity Education software licenses enable your students to learn hands-on with the game industry’s leading platform for the creation of desktop and mobile games and interactive content and experiences.

Designed with educators in mind

The Unity Certified Developer Courseware covers key concepts in both coding and game design with a focus on industry-validated, foundational skills for game development. It was designed help educators reach high quality outcomes in the classroom as students acquire the relevant, marketable skills to successfully transition into the workforce.

Uses Bloom’s Taxonomy (R1) to guide the levels of learning and assessment.

Integrates into curricula using Common Core, STEM, 21st Century Skills, and Next-Generation Standards.

20 interactive, video-rich chapters of online learning that accommodate both linear and non-linear learning formats.

Includes learning outcomes, grading rubrics, and summative assessments for each chapter.

Directly maps to preparation for the Unity Certified Developer Exam.

For a comprehensive list of the topics covered in the learning materials, please review the Courseware Learning Outcomes.

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