Frequently Asked Questions

Unity Developer Certification Program

How long is Unity Certification valid?

What is covered on the Unity Certified Developer exam?

How should I prepare for the exam?

How are the exam administered?

What is the passing score for the exam?

How can I find out which questions I answered incorrectly?

What happens if I fail the exam?

If I do not pass the exam, can I get a refund?

What are the prerequisites for taking the exam?

What do I receive upon certifying?

What can I do if I have a grievance with an exam question?

When does the clock start on my Courseware or Study Guide Access Pass?

Are the certification exam and courseware available in languages other than English?

Do you offer any educational discounts?

How do I contact Customer Service?

What is your refund & cancellation policy?

What are the Terms & Conditions for certification?

Is Unity still offering the Certified Developer Exam? Will I be able to take it?

I have been planning to take the Certified Developer Exam. Should I take the Developer exam, the new Certified Programmer Exam, or one of the other new exams ?

Will the Unity Certified Developer Courseware be enough to prepare me for one of the new exams?

Will the Unity Certified Developer Exam be available through Pearson VUE, like the new expert exams?

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