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Expert Technical Artist:
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Set the standard with the only professional certification for Technical Artists working in Rigging & Animation. Validate your expertise and demonstrate to employers that you have the technical skills and applied knowledge required for senior roles in the game industry. Unity Expert Certifications are available to take online and at more than 5,200 testing centers worldwide via the Pearson VUE network.

Unity Certified Expert Technical Artist: Rigging & Animation

Demonstrate your mastery of Rigging and Animation

Technical Artists who specialize in Rigging and Animation are extremely proficient with both the creative and technical arms of development and have previously held positions at game companies in one or both fields. They work as the bridge between the animation and programming departments; write editor extensions and tools; and integrate assets into the game without sacrificing artistic vision or exceeding platform technical limitations.

This certification is for game industry professionals who have the equivalent of several years’ experience in roles such as Technical Artist, Rigger, Technical Animator, or Technical Character Designer.

Once you’re certified, you’ll receive a verifiable digital badge which will be your online credential that you can share. You can add it to your resume, website, or blog, put it in your email footer, or share it on social network such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Certification is valid for two years. Visit our FAQs to learn more (includes accessibility information).

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An advanced professional certification for the global game industry

Technical Artist: Rigging & Animation exam

The Unity Expert Technical Artist: Rigging & Animation exam is now available online and in-person through Pearson VUE’s global network of testing centers, which provide an easy and reliable way to schedule an exam near you.

What’s covered on the exam

Exam topics

The Expert Technical Artist: Rigging & Animation certification verifies that candidates have the skills necessary to effectively integrate rigging and animation assets into a game. Successful candidates will have advanced proficiency in the following areas. Topics include:

Tooling and Pipeline
  • Editor customization
  • Asset customization
  • Process automation using custom tools
  • Rigging and animation prototyping
Animation and Rigging
  • Configuration of animation system state machines and animation events
  • Rig setup and animation
  • Physics components for dynamic animation
  • Scene optimization


This expert certification is recommended for people who have spent several years in this field and have accrued a variety of advanced, practical application experience, such as:

  • Experience in a video game development studio, with at least two shipped titles
  • Knowledge of scripting/coding using languages such as C++, C#, or Unityscript
  • Experience in the full game lifecycle, working from early concept through launch
  • Experience with rigging/character setup and animation
  • Familiarity with digital content creation (DCC) scripting languages such as Python, MEL, and MaxScript
  • Understanding of game animation pipelines, including character and environment setups
  • Solid organization skills regarding file structures, naming conventions and established protocols
  • Fluency with asset-creation tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Quixel Suite, Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, Pixologic ZBrush, Motion Builder, etc.

Exam Objectives

The Expert Technical Artist: Rigging & Animation Certification is now available in English, with Japanese, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese to follow. The Exam Objectives are free to download in the following languages.


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